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What People Are Saying About Princeton NVC

"Eliane has the most powerful gifts as a teacher: her humility and her capacity to share with humor and honesty the challenges and the rewards of practicing NVC with ourselves and each other. "

                                                                                                                                                                        Nina McPherson, Princeton, NJ

"While I had studied and read about NVC principles, it took the artful experience of Eliane Geren, a Certified NVC trainer, to make those principles accessible in a personal and practical way.  She is a gifted facilitator who connects with clarity, warmth and support.  The learning took place in an embodied, experiential way that can't be forgotten.  I'm still amazed that such a short dialogue with Eliane left me with deep insight about a long, conflicted relationship.  I quickly felt relief and confidence about how to proceed more compassionately and productively for both parties."

Kathleen M., Attorney, Roseland, NJ

"As a master's level therapist with over 20 years of experience, I wasn't sure what I would gain from this workshop. I really suspected that I'd "been there and done that." But, I was most pleasantly surprised! While few of the building blocks were new information, the way Nonviolent Communication puts them together is altogether different from any book I've read or workshop I've attended. And, half the benefit of this workshop is simply watching Eliane seemingly effortlessly living nonviolent communication in every interaction she has with the participants. Once I grasped how difficult it is to do, this was even more amazing. I have already started practicing with my family and hope to eventually be able to take it out into the world! Thank you."

Laurie P., Princeton, NJ

"Since 2003 Eliane Geren has been teaching Nonviolent Communication here at Middlesex County Correctional Center (MCCC) as part of the ASAP program, a series of classes that prepare incarcerated men for their eventual return to their communities. Although many men have cycled through Eliane's classes over the years, the comments I've heard about Eliane remain consistent: the men look forward to her classes. It takes a special kind of person to maintain the energy needed for teaching in a jail. With her non-judgmental attitude, her caring, authentic presence, and her lightheartedness, Eliane brings out the best in the men. And the communication skills she gives them are immediately useful. We're lucky to have Eliane here at MCCC, both modeling and teaching valuable skills for effective communication."

Judge Hoffman, NJ

"I took the 8-week Foundations class in NVC with Eliane, as well as other workshops and trainings with her. I think Eliane is a wonderful facilitator because she embodies the teachings of NVC with her compassionate and loving way of being. Her presence and warmth creates a safe environment for my learning. Learning NVC has especially helped me understand myself through self- empathy. It also helps me to listen more deeply to what may really be going on in others, whether spoken or unspoken."

Elaine B., Chester, NJ

"I reluctantly attended a workshop at my fiancee's prodding and in no time, I was fully engaged. I signed up for eight classes a few months later. What I learned has helped me transform anger into understanding, connect at a deeper level with people around me (especially my fiancee), be a better listener, and reinforce my value of connecting and empathizing with my fellow human beings. My students will attest that I'm also a better teacher. Eliane shares Nonviolent Communication with skill, authenticity, compassion and natural humor. I think she's awesome, especially because she models what she teaches."

 Andrew A., Princeton University alumnus and middle school teacher

"Like most people, I dislike confrontations and have tended to avoid them, even when I've felt there was some problem that really needed to be cleared up.  Now I have a completely honest method of improving relationships without having to endure a lot of stress (mine or the other person's) or to be afraid of jeopardizing a relationship."

 Elaine Brower, Princeton, NJ


"Learning Nonviolent Communication (NVC) has helped me connect with others, especially my boyfriend, on a deep level, by increasing my understanding of our shared humanity.  By learning to listen empathically, as well as to identify my own feelings and needs, I've become less judgmental, more compassionate, and more creative in reaching resolutions to emotional situations."

Cynthia Cassaza, Princeton University Alumnae


"When my best friend first became interested in NVC, I instinctively rejected it because I didn't like the idea of a set of rules that implied my style of communication was inadequate.  Over time, though, as NVC became more and more a part of our daily lives, I became increasingly aware of its value. Now I view NVC as essential to the sense of ease and connection we find with each other. " 

Pete Soloway, Princeton, NJ


"I am thrilled with how I successfully handled a challenging work situation today by using NVC. We had a staff meeting at which some difficult interpersonal topics were discussed. Tensions around my workplace have been running high lately because of these issues.  I really wanted to be heard and to hear what each person was saying. I'm celebrating now because I accomplished that goal. It couldn't have gone better.  I can't say it enough: I'm thrilled."

Carol F., Yardley, PA


"I loved the Life-Enriching Education book!!!!  I feel it has deepened my connections to my students and helped me to communicate with them.  I literally watched tears melt away as I got down to a particular student's feelings and needs during a moment when we were not in agreement and I wanted more honesty from her."

Cindy C., Teacher

"For me NVC's greatest gift has been to transform the dialogue between my children and me. After learning to take the time to consider my own feelings and needs, as well as those of my children, I've started making requests instead of demands. I no longer bargain with them or threaten them with consequences. Now, together,  we choose actions based on willingness instead of guilt, fear or 'positive reinforcement.' The NVC process has been a huge source of empowerment for my children, clarity for me and connection for all of us."

 Fran S., Cranbury, NJ

"I’m grateful because Nonviolent Communication taught me how to listen. I realize that before I learned NVC, I used to spend most of the time in a conversation thinking about what I was going to say when the other guy stopped talking. I feel much more connected to others now."

     Bill, Middlesex County Adult Correctional Center, New Brunswick, NJ