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Learn Nonviolent Communication (NVC)

Here are some choices available through Princeton NVC:


    Workshops of varying lengths at different levels (from novice to advanced), where we teach NVC through demonstrations, exercises, role-plays and discussions.

Study Series

Four-week and eight-week Foundation Classes.  Each week we focus on one concept of NVC and practice it through exercises.  Students internalize the concepts through practice with situations from their daily lives.

Practice Sessions

Like any new language, learning NVC involves practice. By forming a practice group of your peers and meeting regularly, you will hone the skills you have learned in workshops and classes.  Princeton NVC can assist you in this process.

Additional Resources

We benefit most by putting NVC tools to work in situations in which we interact with others, but there is also value in studying materials available from the international Center for Nonviolent Communication (CNVC), including books, CDs, and videos.  Participating in telecourses is an additional option.

For more information about different ways to learn to NVC, check the following websites.