Demon Breed cover The Tuvela cover

The Demon Breed was first published as a two-part story, entitled The Tuvela, in Analog in September (shown above right) and October of 1968. It appeared as a novel entitled The Demon Breed the same year (above left, ACE 1968 edition).

Unlike other of Schmitz' young female heroines, the heroine of The Demon Breed has no particular psionic ability. The author does equip her, however, with a number of other attributes and tools for the struggle against mysterious "demons" whom she encounters. She is quickly able to formulate and carry out complex tactical plans--classic Schmitz. She is also supremely familiar with her home planet's environment, which the "demons" are not.

This novel requires more effort than some of Schmitz' work. It is not for those unwilling to plow through the technical specifications of the environment being portrayed. But for those who do brave the complexity, it's a mighty fine read. The story takes place in a wild habitat and without much aid from technology. Aside from the heroine's unpredictability, adaptability, endurance, and native knowledge, the plot relies on her familiarity with a friend whom she knows is involved, but with whom she cannot directly communicate.