Miscellaneous / favorite photos

Taken by Mark Widmer using a Nikon Coolpix 950 digital camera.

Click on thumbnail for larger version - most are 800 x 600 pixels and roughly 60 kbytes file size

berries0651.jpg (55030 bytes)

At Mercer County

Park in New Jersey, USA

nunia_whiteheaded4404.jpg (58083 bytes)

In our living living room:

a white-headed munia

turtles2430.jpg (62472 bytes)

Turtles on Carnegie

Lake in NJ

tree_marquand5192.jpg (130052 bytes)

Marquand Park in

Princeton, NJ

drcanal_treebranch2465.jpg (71731 bytes)

The Delaware and Raritan Canal in Princeton, NJ

squirrel3375.jpg (59766 bytes)

A squirrel in our backyard

cormorant2195.jpg (39804 bytes)

A double-crested cormorant on

Carnegie Lake

yellowflower3409.jpg (57832 bytes)

Flowers in our yard

carnegielake0160.jpg (61631 bytes)

Carnegie Lake in Princeton,

viewed northward from

the Washingon St. bridge

(It's a short, pleasant

walk to the leaning tree)

dragonfly5351.jpg (60171 bytes)

A dragonfly, encountered while kayaking on the Millstone River near Princeton

baldeagle2645.jpg (20450 bytes)

At Mercer County Park

Not the greatest quality photo, but I was flat out amazed to see this bald eagle in central New Jersey.

mercerpark0669.jpg (67094 bytes)

At Mercer County Park

gullflying1538.jpg (53827 bytes)

A seagull at Carnegie Lake.

turkeymountain1181.jpg (68691 bytes)

View atop Turkey Moun-

tain near Taylortown, NJ

eurogoldfinch5160.jpg (58365 bytes)

A European goldfinch in our living room.


Some photos were taken with the aid of a Kenko 8x32 monocular and special adapter mount for Nikon Coolpix cameras. I bought the monocular and adapter from CKC Power; it appears that the Kenko monocular is no longer available, but CKC does have a similar one from CrystalVue Optics.

Some photos were taken with the aid of a Nikon spotting scope RAII (60mm objective and 15x-45x zoom lens), both with and without a special adapter mount for Nikon Coolpix cameras.  The adapter was made by my brother Fred Widmer of Penrose Glass in Waltham, MA, USA.



Updated 11 Dec 2010 .


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