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Date Announcements
W Nov 30 Quiz 4 will cover new information from class since Quiz 3, including minimal jQuery, and will also be comprehensive, scanning back over the entire course (like a final exam, but not counting as much). It is open book/notes but no computer/smartphone.
Past Announcements

class date handouts / resources assignments / comments
1 W Sep 7   Course intro (.zip)
  HTTP (.zip)
  HTTP article
  HTTP 1.0 Specification (RFC 1945)
Project 1 Project 1: RFC 1945 (HTTP), and web page - graded by PP
2 M Sep 12   HTML (.zip)   HTML5 for Web Designers, Table of Contents and Ch. 1
   (.pdf in "Course Documents" tab in Blackboard)
  Minimum set of HTML tags to learn
3 W Sep 14 Introduction to C# and Visual Studio
Project 1 web page due by midnight
About Java  About the Java platform
About Java  About the .NET Framework
Project 2 Project 2: BubbleBox in C# - graded by JH
  Project 2  due U Sep 18, 11:59pm
4 M Sep 19   XHTML (.zip) Project 2 Project 3: TurnRed in C# - graded by MZ
  Getting started with HTML
  Using HTML5 Today (last chapter of this book)
   (.pdf in "Course Documents" tab in Blackboard)
  Using CSS3 Today (last chapter of this book)
   (.pdf in "Course Documents" tab in Blackboard)
5 W Sep 21   CSS (.zip) Quiz 1 study guide
6 M Sep 26   XML (.zip)   XML serialize code from class
7 W Sep 28 --   Quiz 1 - focus on HTML, XHTML, and HTTP
  Utils folder - C# log/settings code from class
  Project 3  due U Oct 2, 11:59pm
8 M Oct 3   XML serialize code for C# and Java
  Serialize/deserialize a collection in C#
Project 4 Project 4: Todo List in XML and C# - graded by JH
Project 5 Project 5: TurnRed in Javascript - graded by MZ
Project 6 Projects 6+: Group Projects - graded by MZ, JS and/or PP
  Joel Spolsky on character encoding - please read intro+final section carefully
  HTML entities and escape codes sometimes are useful.
9 W Oct 5   HTML Forms (.zip)
  Basic Javascript (.zip)
  Javascript events (.zip)
  Sample HTML form
Sample mailto URL text:
  F Oct 7 -- --
  M Oct 10 NO CLASS Fall Break
10 W Oct 12   Javascript examples (.zip)
  More Javascript (.zip)
  Concise Javascript I
  Concise Javascript II
  Crockford book
  Javascript Events
  Project 4 due U Oct 16, 11:59pm
11 M Oct 17   Structured Query Language   starter database code
Project 6 Projects 6+: Group Projects
12 W Oct 19   allowed JSLint settings --
  Sat. Oct 22: Submit Project 6+ proposals by 11:59pm
  Project 5 due U Oct 23, 11:59pm
13 M Oct 24   XML_SOAP_RESTAbout Java (.zip) URL Encoding
14 W Oct 26 (class not held) --
15 M Oct 31 Quote web service | source code Examples of Ajax calls: | source code
16 W Nov 2 Quiz 2 study guide     Forms authentication starter files
* class websites
* groups
JavaScript that you need to know but might not (in Blackboard)
So You Say You Want to Kill XML... - By Ted Neward, July 2008
Google's Protocol Buffers
17 M Nov 7 Send email using C# (from a Penn email account) QZ  Quiz 2
18 W Nov 9 jQuery training by Menglong Zhu, per book jQuery in Action
jQuery slides (.zip of .pdf)
  online jQuery tutorial from book jQuery in Action
Ajax Ch 8 of jQuery in Action, 2nd Ed. (.pdf in Blackboard)
  Sun. Nov. 13: Project 6 intermediate results - short class presentation during next class or two
19 M Nov 14 -- --
20 W Nov 16 Quiz 2 and some solutions (.zip) Javascript call vs. apply
SOAP-encoded XML file (note handling of duplicate values)
class code for masterpages (demo)
21 M Nov 21 Ajax call using jQuery + its ashx file
image change upon hover using jQuery
  Quiz 3
Life cycle of .aspx
a page life-cycle .pdf
Using .ashx as Ajax proxy to an external site
W Nov 23 NO CLASS Thanksgiving travel
22 M Nov 28 A bit about "dynamic data" via Linq to Sql Dynamic data example | instructions | logon_files
You need data tables with referential integrity set up properly.
23 W Nov 30 -- 3 Faulkner reports on ASP.NET, Java dev. tools, and PHP (~20 pages) - retrieve from Course Documents area in Blackboard
24 M Dec 5 -- All Group Projects due M Oct 5 by 11:59pm
25 W Dec 7 --   Quiz 4

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